Dream Future Group can help your business expand at home or abroad. We partner with the best U.S. companies to ensure the process is seamless and effortless. We understand that it’s important to always follow all laws and regulations with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Dream Future Group has established connections on every continent in the world and can help you with all your needs. We can further help you build relationships with individuals and companies to ensure that they meet the standard of service required of them.

What we do for you to avoid problems when importing

Check the requirements of federal agencies
Contact local port of entry for import requirements

Help you fill out required entry forms

Ensure all document are submitted within 15 days


Our partners are constantly taking ongoing education and training courses to ensure they are on top of all the new changes in the industry.

If you’re looking to export wholesale products from the U.S. abroad, please fill out the Contact Us form and we will be happy to contact you and find out your specific needs.

Hire an expert Today to guide you through the entire process. We are eager to serve you. 

What we do for you when exporting

Connect your business with the best companies in other markets worldwide
Contact our agents at the port you wish to export to for their requirements

Check the requirements of federal agencies

 Help you build your network abroadSales